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Tips to Avoid a DUI on St. Patrick’s Day

March 14, 2016
By The Wiseman Law Firm

Green Guinness, apple martinis, mojitos, and any other alcoholic beverage with green in it will be poured by the gallon this St. Patrick’s Day in the States as people from coast to coast celebrate the holiday in a bar with their best of buds. While anyone can appreciate a fun night knocking back a few lagers with your friends, no one really likes the driving under the influence (DUI) arrest that can follow if you aren’t careful when it comes to quitting time. If you are going to enjoy this year’s St. Patrick’s Day like most others in the country, keep these helpful hints and tips in mind to help avoid and prevent DUIs.

  1. Drink responsibly: You see this two-word motto at the end of every alcohol advertisement these days, so often you might not actually acknowledge it anymore. But drinking responsibly is really a fantastic tip to avoid a DUI. You should never drink to excess if you are planning on driving later that night.
  2. Metabolize: Alcoholic beverages have ethanol in them, the compound that gets us intoxicated. Your body will take about one hour to metabolize a beer’s or one shot’s worth of ethanol. Use that knowledge to pace out your drinking – only one an hour if you need to get home via automobile later – and have a glass of water between beverages.
  3. Share: Most smartphones are coming preloaded with ridesharing service apps that you can’t uninstall. This might seem like forced advertising but the goal is to prevent drunk driving accidents. Call an Uber or Lyft if you’ve had too many. Or, if you’re feeling old-fashioned, call a taxi.
  4. Partner: You know what your friends like more than having green beer with you? Seeing you get home safe and sound at the end of the night. If you really want to party this St. Patrick’s Day, ask a trusted friend to be your designated driver. You would be surprised how many people will forego the booze to help prevent DUIs.
  5. Sleep: Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, such as trying to drive home when you are intoxicated. If you find yourself in this precarious situation, you should pull over safely as soon as possible, shut off the engine, put the keys in the glove compartment, and sleep until sober in the backseat. You could still be arrested for a DUI at this point – evidence would suggest that you had drunkenly driven your car at some point in the night – but it is pretty unlikely, and most police officer’s will appreciate your conscious effort to be safe.

If you are pulled over this St. Patrick’s Day, remember to remain courteous and cooperative without answering any questions that could be self-incriminating. Should you be arrested for a DUI, act quickly to defend yourself and use your first phone call to contact The Wiseman Law Firm. Our Orlando DUI attorney can get to work protecting your rights and help you avoid an automatic license suspension. You can also request a consultation today for more information.

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