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Orlando Criminal Expungement and Seals Lawyer

A Brief Summary of the Following Article

  • Pathway: Sealing and expunging records in Orlando provide legal methods to clear one’s name, with sealing restricting public access to records and expungement completely removing them from the FDLE database.
  • Process: The procedure involves several steps, including fingerprinting, acquiring certified dispositions, obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility, and filing both an affidavit and a petition with the court, requiring careful preparation and legal expertise.
  • Eligibility: To be eligible for record sealing in Florida, individuals must not have previous convictions or delinquency records, no prior record sealing or expungements, and the offense involved must not be disqualifying under Florida law.
  • Advantages: Sealing or expunging records offers significant benefits like protecting one’s privacy, improving job and housing prospects, and providing peace of mind, underlining the importance of professional legal assistance from The Wiseman Law Firm.

In Orlando, sealing and expunging criminal records offers a pathway to a fresh start. Sealing a record restricts public access, while expungement removes the record from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement database, allowing individuals to legally deny past arrests in most situations. The process, however, is complex and requires meticulous preparation, detailed knowledge of eligibility criteria, and adept handling of potential legal challenges. At Wiseman Law Firm, our Orlando, FL expungement and seals attorneys are committed to providing professional legal guidance, ensuring all documentation is accurately prepared, and representing your interests throughout the process. We understand the nuances of each case and offer personalized strategies to maximize the chances of success.

The benefits of a clean slate are transformative, opening doors to improved employment opportunities, easier housing applications, educational prospects, and a restored personal reputation. Sealing or expunging your record can dramatically change your life prospects, allowing you to pursue future goals without the burden of a past criminal record. To understand your legal options and turn over a new leaf, contact seals attorney Simon Wiseman today.

Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records in Orlando 

Sealing and expunging records in Florida are legal pathways to clear one’s name and protect one’s future. Both processes make a record inaccessible to the public, but they differ in specifics. Sealing a record makes it non-public, meaning it still exists but is hidden from general view and can be accessed under certain conditions. Expungement, on the other hand, involves physically destroying the record, leaving only a confidential copy with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)​​​​​​.

The following are the steps for sealing or expunging a record in Orlando: 

  1. Certificate of Eligibility: Initially, you must apply to FDLE for this certificate, providing personal information and details of the charges. The application must be notarized​​.
  2. Fingerprinting: Obtain fingerprints from law enforcement on an FDLE-approved card​​.
  3. Certified Dispositions: Acquire certified dispositions from the clerk of court for each charge​​.
  4. State Attorney Review: The State Attorney must approve the application for expungements before FDLE processes it​​.
  5. File Petition with the Court: Once the Certificate of Eligibility is received, file a Petition to Seal or Expunge with the court where the charges were made​​.
  6. Court Decision: The court reviews the petition and makes a decision whether to seal or expunge the record​​.
  7. Record Update: If approved, the clerk of court and FDLE update the record accordingly​​.

To be eligible for sealing a record in Florida, an applicant must satisfy several criteria:

  • The individual must not have any previous convictions for criminal offenses or similar ordinance violations. This includes not having any past juvenile adjudications for criminal acts as specified in Florida Statutes Section 943.051(3)(b).
  • There should be no record of a conviction or juvenile delinquency in the case that the individual seeks to seal.
  • The applicant must not have previously sealed or expunged a criminal history record under Florida law.
  • There should be no ongoing petitions for sealing or expungement in any court.
  • The offense for which the individual pled must not be one of the offenses that disqualify an applicant from sealing their record.
  • The offense in question should not be listed under the Related Offenses Exclusion.
  • If the individual was sentenced to probation or community control for the offense, this must be fully served and all forms of court supervision completed.

While sealed or expunged records are generally not accessible during background checks, there are exceptions. For instance, law enforcement agencies can access these records, and disclosure may be required for certain professional or governmental positions. It’s important to obtain and keep certified copies of all pertinent documents before securing the sealing or expungement of a record​​​​.

Benefits of Expungement and Record Sealing 

Expunging or sealing a criminal history record offers numerous advantages, both legally and practically. These benefits encompass the following:

  • Concealing one’s criminal history from the public eye.
  • Ensuring employers do not uncover past criminal incidents.
  • Preventing colleges and universities from discovering any criminal incidents.
  • Eliminating the need for individuals to reveal arrests or charges to employers and others.
  • Ensuring that criminal records do not appear in background checks.
  • Bypassing company policies that may hinder career progression due to criminal backgrounds.
  • Safeguarding an individual’s reputation within their community.
  • Providing peace of mind 

At The Wiseman Law Firm, we fight for the clean slate you deserve. We know how to mitigate any challenges in the way of a clean record and navigate the legal process on your behalf, taking the legal burden off your shoulders. 

Speak With the Orlando Expungement Lawyer at The Wiseman Law Firm 

At The Wiseman Law Firm, our Orlando expungement and seals attorneys recognize the profound impact a clean slate can have on your life, opening doors to new employment opportunities, simplifying housing applications, enhancing educational prospects, and rebuilding your personal reputation. We are committed to providing meticulous legal guidance during the sealing and expungement process, preparing all necessary documentation with precision, and representing your interests every step of the way. We tailor our approach to each unique case, maximizing the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

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