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Verdicts & Settlements

  • Construction Negligence


    Our client suffered significant injuries when his vehicle was struck by a construction truck in a construction zone. After years of aggressively fighting to maximize the value of my client’s claim, Mr. Wiseman able to obtain him an excellent seven figure result.

  • Automobile / Construction Liability


    At his former law firm, Mr. Wiseman helped his client in a case where she had been catastrophically injured as a passenger in the rear of a vehicle which was t-boned exiting a gas station. She filed a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle, the gas station owner and a number of entities involved in the construction of the gas station. The case was successfully resolved for $8.9 million just days before trial.

  • Slip & Fall in a Restaurant


    Mr. Wiseman was part of a 4 member legal team who represented a middle aged women who slipped and fell in a fast food restaurant. She suffered a severe neck fracture, RSD and was no longer able to work. The case was fought to the end and finally successfully resolved for approximately $7 million.

  • Recent Jury Verdict in Pedestrian vs. Car Case


    Our 91 year old client was crushed between two vehicles suffering a significant leg fracture which left her in a wheelchair. USAA was the insurance company for the at fault defendant. Despite trying to reach an amicable settlement before trial, USAA, on their insured's behalf, chose not to settle the case. At trial the jury awarded our client $3.189 million dollars, millions more than what our client offered to settle the case for before trial. The lawyer hired by USAA to represent their insured (the defendant) asked the jury to award $150,000 in past and future pain and suffering damages - the jury awarded $2.4 million for pain and suffering!!! Our law firm took on big insurance and corporate America and won. Our client was very grateful for our courage and fearlessness.

  • Trip & Fall at Hotel


    Our client tripped and fell while a guest at a hotel suffering disabling neurologic and nervous system injuries. We were able to obtain a very satisfying result on a very challenging trip and fall case.

  • Negligent Security Case Against Apartment Complex


    After a long hard fought battle, Mr. Wiseman was able to secure a significant seven figure result for his client who was raped at an apartment complex. Mr. Wiseman alleged that the apartment complex negligently provided security which resulted in the rapist being able to gain access to the apartment building and commit the rape. Although no amount of money can compensate a rape victim, Mr. Wiseman’s client was very happy with the result.

  • Shot & Killed at Apartment Complex


    Our client was shot and killed by a security guard on an apartment complex. After the security company (the security guard's employer) tendered their insurance policy limits, our client filed a negligence lawsuit against the apartment complex who denied any wrongdoing and blamed the security guard and the security company for our client's death. Ultimately, our client was able to obtain a good result in a very difficult case.

  • Jury Verdict in Negligent Security Case


    Simon Wiseman and his trial partner, Riley Allen recently obtained a $1.7 million verdict from a jury in Orange County, Florida in a negligent security case. Mr. Wiseman's client was robbed and shot while parking his car at the Embassy Suites, Jamaican Court Orlando. Although Mr. Wiseman's client survived he sustained severe injuries. There was a lack of security, which was provided by SecurAmerica, patrolling the outside of the hotel because they were performing housekeeping duties on the inside of the hotel at the request of the hotel.

    This lack of attention to deterring crime on the outside of the hotel made the hotel a target for crime. This was evidenced when 10 days earlier a guest was robbed and shot in the parking lot of the hotel in almost identical fashion. Mr. Wiseman and Mr. Allen were able to expose this neglect. As a result, Mr. Wiseman was able to get an excellent result for his client.

    Mr. Wiseman stated: "This was a David v. Goliath trial where "David" defeated "corporate America", which included the likes of Hilton, Embassy Suites, SecurAmerica and Interstate hotel management company. I hope the Embassy Suites hotel will change its ways by spending more money on security to keeps its guests safe, especially in a tourist area such as International Drive."

  • Negligent Roadside Maintenance


    Mr. Wiseman helped prosecute a local government on behalf of a catastrophically injured client for failing to properly maintain a tree which had fallen on his vehicle while driving. The local government had a cap on their damages of $100,000, however, against all conceivable odds the claim was ultimately successfully settled for $1.7 million.

  • Nursing Home Negligence


    Mr. Wiseman represented the daughter of an elderly nursing home resident who died as a result of a fall which resulted in a fracture to her ankle, which later became infected. The nursing home failed to minimize the risk of the resident falling, timely detect the infection, and then treat it accordingly. The nursing home did not have any non-excess insurance coverage. Mr. Wiseman successfully, and against all odds, obtained a $900,000.00 result.

  • Auto Accident


    After being struck by a large box truck, our client sustained a fractured back. Fortunately, it did not cause a spinal cord injury so he elected to undergo a minimally invasive back surgery which was successful. We were able to obtain over 55 times his medical expenses-an incredible life changing result for he and his wife.

  • Head Injury from a Door


    My client was struck in the head when entering a store. A large commercial door lost resistance and flew back striking her in the forehead. She suffered significant head and neck injuries which both required surgery. The defendants argued that it was her fault for pulling the door back into her head and it was a freak accident. We argued that this was a known problem and that there had been similar problems with the door before my client was struck. We also argued that the defendants did not preserve vital evidence which hindered our ability to prosecute the case. Despite the case being a very difficult and complex case, we were able to obtain a great result for the client.

  • Rear-End Car Accident


    Our client was rear ended by a commercial truck. Following the accident, she had neck and back surgery. The defendants argued, because of her age and significant neck and low back treatment before the accident, that her neck and back surgery was due to neck and back injuries which pre-existed the rear end accident. Fortunately, despite it being difficult to prove her injuries were related to the accident and not a pre-existing condition, we were able to get an excellent result for the client.

  • Car Accident Results in Neck Surgery


    We represented a lovely elderly woman who was rear ended in a very significant automobile accident. As a result of the accident, she suffered protruded and herniated discs in her neck which, after a course of conservative treatment - including physical therapy and epidural/facet injections - necessitated a two level cervical fusion. Despite her having neck problems just days before the accident and the defense claiming her neck injuries were because of her old age and not the accident, Mr. Wiseman was able to resolve the case during litigation for an impressive $575.000.00. The client was thrilled with the result and very grateful.

  • Bad Faith Refusal to Defend by Insurance Company


    Mr. Wiseman represented a middle aged man who suffered a herniated disk in his neck after being crushed at a rock concert. Mr. Wiseman's client brought a claim against the rock concert venue. The insurance company for the rock concert venue chose not to provide a defense to its insured. The concert venue then agreed a settlement at mediation with Mr. Wiseman's client and assigned to him their claims against the insurance company for refusing to defend them. Ultimately, his client sued the insurance company for refusing to defend him and the insurance agency where the insurance was procured, and was able to successfully resolve the case for $500,000.

  • Truck Accident with Low Back Injury


    Mr. Wiseman’s client suffered a significant low back injury as a result of being struck in his tractor trailer by another tractor trailer. Mr. Wiseman was able to demonstrate that the tractor trailer that caused the accident was being driven by an illegal immigrant who should not have been driving. Additionally, Mr. Wiseman was able to demonstrate that the motor carrier, who the driver was employed by, had committed multiple violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA) in employing the drive and placing him on the road as a truck driver.

    As a result, Mr. Wiseman was able to get his client an excellent result for the type of injury sustained. The FMCSA can be a great weapon in truck accident cases but you must choose a lawyer experienced in these types of cases. Mr. Wiseman has that experience and would be privileged to help you.

  • Side Swipe Car Accident


    Our client was side wiped in an accident. The defendant driver that side swiped him claimed that it was our client’s fault. We were able to prove from the physical damage to our client’s vehicle and overhead photos of the accident scene that it was impossible for the accident to have occurred as the defendant driver claimed. As a result of the accident, our client sustained a significant shoulder injury which required surgery. We were able to resolve the case weeks before going to trial. The client was very happy with the resolution.

  • Prescription Error


    A local pharmacy miss-filled our client's prescription which caused him severe injuries. Our client's case was successfully resolved for $350,000.00 weeks before trial was due to commence.

  • Nursing Home Negligence


    Mr. Wiseman represented an elderly nursing home resident who fell while a resident at the home and tragically died several months later. The nursing home only had minimum insurance, however, Mr. Wiseman was able to obtain a settlement of $350,000, well in excess of the minimal policy limits.

  • Auto Accident Involving Elderly Driver


    This was as strange case where the driver of the at fault vehicle fell unconscious (due to a medical condition) at the time he struck the rear of our client's vehicle. Despite Florida law, in certain circumstances, providing a complete defense to driver's who have an isolated black out related to a medical condition, we were able to overcome that hurdle and obtain an excellent result for our client who suffered neck injury which required surgery several years after the accident.

  • Rear-End Accident


    Our client was involved in a relatively minor rear end accident. Unfortunately he had a preexisting neck injury which made him more susceptible to an aggravation of his preexisting neck injury. As a result of the rear end collision he needed neck surgery. Although his pre-existing injury made the case more difficult, Mr. Wiseman was still able to resolve his case just before trial for over three times his medical expenses.

  • Improper Exhibition of a Firearm

    Not Guilty

    2009-MM-4135/Orange County, FL

    Jury verdict of not guilty – Defendant acquitted

  • 2014-CF-008537-A


    Felony possession of Amphetamines

  • 2015-CT-007912-A-O


    Leaving Scene of Accident

  • 2016-MM-000163-A-W


    Domestic Violence Battery

  • Client Accused of a Serious Sex Crime on Minor Gets a Judgment of Acquittal

    Mr. Wiseman’s client was charged with some very serious sex crimes involving a minor that if convicted would have resulted in a maximum of 20 years in prison. Mr. Wiseman took the case to trial and showed the jury and Judge that the crime could not have occurred as the prosecutor and alleged victim claimed. Mr. Wiseman used his own forensic reenactment of what the victim said happened and the State’s own expert, lead detective and witnesses, including the alleged victim, to persuade the Judge and the jury the State had not proven their case. After several days in trial, the Judge entered a Judgment of Acquittal acquitting Mr. Wiseman’s client of all charges. Mr. Wiseman’s client was thrilled with the result and justice was served. He described Mr. Wiseman and being “fearless”, “calm under pressure”, and a wonderful advocate in trial.

  • Obtaining prescription drugs by fraud and obtaining hydrocodone by fraud

    No conviction

    2013-CF-1041/Orange County, FL

    Reduced from trafficking and possession with intent to sell. No conviction an any charge.

  • Possession of Cannabis


    2011-CT-005935/Lake County, FL
    Case Dismissed

  • Possession of cannabis


    2014-CF-008357/Orange County, FL
    Pre-trial diversion. To be dismissed upon completion

  • Possession of cannabis and paraphernalia


    2010-MM-2760/Orange County, FL

    Dismissed and order expunging arrest.

  • Possession of cannabis with intent to sell

    No conviction

    2011-CF-12629/Orange County, FL
    No conviction of any drug charges

  • Possession of cocaine

    Dismissed and order expunging arrest

    2006-CF-8262/Orange County, FL
    Dismissed and order expunging arrest

  • Possession of paraphernalia and traffic citation


    2014-TR-007523/Orange County, FL
    Possession of paraphernalia and traffic citation
    No information and dismissed