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To be charged, arrested, or under investigation for a misdemeanor or felony crime can be very stressful. There is always the fear of the unknown and uncertainty of what to do after being arrested.

With your life and freedom at stake, the aggressive defense of your case is your first priority and ours. At The Wiseman Law Firm, our Orlando criminal attorneys will be with you every step of the way.

We are available day or night to answer questions. If you choose to hire our firm, you will get an experienced Orlando, FL criminal defense attorney who is determined to win your case. There will be nothing more important to The Wiseman Law Firm than obtaining the best result possible for you.

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

Criminal defense attorneys are licensed professionals equipped to handle a wide range of criminal cases. This includes misdemeanors and felonies ranging from DUI and drug charges to more serious offenses such as assault, armed robbery, or homicide. To provide the best legal representation possible, criminal defense lawyers in Orlando must be well-versed in both state and federal laws as well as court procedures related to criminal cases.

A criminal defense lawyer’s primary job is to protect their client’s rights and make sure they receive a fair trial. This means that the attorney must be able to properly advise their clients on all aspects of their case, from pre-trial motions and discovery requests to possible plea deals or other negotiations with the prosecution. The lawyer also needs to understand and challenge any evidence or testimony presented against their client in court. Additionally, it’s important for the lawyer to stay up-to-date on new laws passed by legislatures so that they can use them during pleadings and arguments.

Criminal defense attorneys will often take proactive steps to ensure their client’s legal rights are protected throughout every stage of a criminal case. This may include conducting their own investigation, negotiating with the prosecution for a favorable plea bargain, or bringing in expert witnesses to testify on their client’s behalf.

In many cases, an experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney can help reduce or even eliminate charges altogether and resolve the case without going to trial. If a trial is necessary, lawyers will use their legal knowledge and experience to work towards achieving a successful outcome for their clients. No matter what the circumstances of your case are, hiring a knowledgeable Orlando criminal defense lawyer can be one of the best investments you make in protecting your rights and freedom.

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We will try to get your case dismissed or into a pre-trial diversion program. If that is not possible, we will design a strategic defense, present your case to the prosecutor, negotiate the best plea deal possible, and be ready to defend you in trial if necessary. Whatever strategy is best for your case, we are prepared to utilize our insider knowledge of the prosecution and trial-tested insights to guard your reputation and liberty.

We are trial lawyers who are ready to defend all types of criminal charges:

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With experience as a former prosecutor, Attorney Wiseman has secured many successful results in high-stakes criminal cases.

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A former prosecutor, Attorney Wiseman brings over two decades' experience to each case, successfully advocating for his clients' rights.

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