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In Florida, a dog's owner is strictly liable for injuries caused by his or her animal for a dog bite, mauling or other attack. This means that your lawyer does not have to prove that the dog's owner was negligent in not properly restraining the animal. Generally, as long as you did nothing to provoke the dog, the owner of the dog is responsible for your damages.

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At The Wiseman Law Firm in Orlando, Attorney Simon Wiseman has 20 years of legal experience and is highly skilled at maximizing recoveries in dog bite and mauling cases. These cases are usually covered by homeowners insurance which generally provides insurance coverage for injuries caused by a homeowner's dog.

Monetary damages can be very high in dog bite cases, especially when children are injured. Sadly, most maulings involve children who are bitten on the face. To minimize facial scarring from such attacks, your child may need extensive medical care such as skins grafts and plastic surgery. Children may also need months or years of counseling to overcome fears of being attacked.

Attorney Simon Wiseman will use his wealth of knowledge litigating these types of cases to maximize a client's recovery.

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