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Commercial Driver DUI
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Most people know Florida has particularly harsh DUI laws. However, the penalties are even worse for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers who are caught under the influence of drugs or alcohol. CMV drivers are typically some of the safest drivers in the country, and they require extensive training and education to obtain their commercial driver’s licenses (CDL). After a DUI, however, their CDL may be suspended or revoked, which could cause them to lose a job.

If you are a CMV driver who is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, give our skilled Orlando commercial driver DUI lawyer a call as soon as possible. The faster we can get started on your case the more time we will have to mount a DUI defense on your behalf. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call and provide you with trusted and skilled legal counsel. Let us answer your questions and concerns.

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CMV drivers face all the same penalties an average driver would. However, they have the additional worry of having their CDL revoked or suspended. If a CMV driver is convicted of a DUI, he or she will face a 1-year license suspension. Likewise, if the CMV contained hazardous materials, the 1-year suspension will be lengthened to a 3-year suspension. If the driver is transporting hazardous materials and is convicted of 2 or more DUIs, the driver is permanently disqualified from operating a CMV.

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If you are facing the loss of your CDL, you could be out of a job for many months. If you face permanent disqualification, you will need an entirely different line of work. Let us help you defend your livelihood, your rights, and your freedom. We understand your driving privileges are essential to your career as a commercial driver. Talk to our skilled commercial DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Attorney Wiseman has 20 years of legal experience to offer your case, and he is also a former prosecutor. He understands how the opposition thinks and strategizes. He is also dedicated to providing a solid defense and aggressive legal advocacy.

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