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What Needs to be Proved in Domestic Violence Battery Cases?

June 23, 2024
By The Wiseman Law Firm

As with any criminal case, the prosecution is tasked with the duty of proving that the defendant is guilty by providing evidence in support of their claims when accusing them of domestic violence. If you have been accused of domestic violence and are facing a trial, it is important you have knowledge of the evidence needed to prove that you are guilty of this crime and how a trusted criminal defense lawyer can help you prepare your defense strategy against these claims. 

The Wiseman Law Firm is a Florida criminal defense law firm helping clients understand their rights after they have been charged with domestic violence. We understand that being accused of a crime like domestic violence can be highly upsetting for you and your loved ones. That is why our criminal defense attorney works hard to help you build a strong defense by ensuring you are aware of what is needed to be proved by the prosecution in your domestic violence battery case.

Everything the Prosecution Needs to Prove to Convict You of Domestic Violence Battery Charges

The state of Florida will be tasked with proving your guilt after you have been accused of domestic violence by a spouse, intimate partner, or other family member. If you are innocent of these charges, you may feel that they could not possibly have any evidence against you. However, it may shock you to learn some of the evidence and tactics the prosecution can put together to make a strong claim. That is why it is crucial you have the help of a Florida criminal defense lawyer who will protect your rights and interests through a strong defense case. 

The prosecution must be able to provide evidence of the following in order to prove your guilt for a domestic violence battery case in Florida:

  • You intentionally caused bodily harm to another person
  • You intentionally touched or struck another person against the will of the victim

Photographic and medical evidence showing that your accuser was injured is not enough to prove you intentionally caused their harm. They must also present evidence that supports your accuser’s claim and establishes intent. 

Evidence Needed to Prove Guilt in a Florida Domestic Violence Battery Case

While you may assume that your innocence of the crime of domestic violence would automatically mean there would be no evidence against you, that is not the case. Aside from the statement and testimony that your accuser will give regarding their recollection of events, that will not be enough to convict you of the charges being brought against you. The other evidence needed to prove guilt in a Florida domestic violence battery case includes the following:

  • Cell phone records
  • Security camera images
  • Witness testimonies
  • Medical evidence

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you do not need to go through the legal process of defending your case on your own. It is imperative you retain the legal counsel of a trusted criminal defense lawyer who can help you refute this evidence and prove your innocence. 

Build a Strong Defense for Your Florida Domestic Violence Battery Case Today

Navigating the complexities of being charged with a violent crime like domestic violence can be overwhelming. At The Wiseman Law Firm, our seasoned Florida criminal defense attorney is ready to offer the support and defense strategy you need when building a case to defend against the evidence the prosecution may present to attempt to prove you guilty. 

Contact our Florida law firm today by calling (407) 420-4647 or filling out a contact form. We will protect your rights and work towards the best possible outcome in your criminal case after you have been accused of domestic violence.

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