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Murder & Manslaughter
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Murder & Manslaughter Defense in Orlando, FL

Orlando Murder Attorney Simon Wiseman

There can be no violent crimes considered more serious by the state of Florida than those of murder and manslaughter. Any act of homicide, or the taking of a human life, will severely punished, if the suspect is convicted of the alleged actions that lead to the homicide. Even if they are not, the accusation alone can spoil their reputation and damage their wellbeing, labeling them as a dangerous person in the minds of friends, family, employers, and other members of their communities.

If you are being charged with murder or manslaughter in Florida, you must be certain that your legal counsel is thorough and experienced enough to not only take on the case but also do so in a way that protects your name, regardless of the outcome. At The Wiseman Law Firm, our Orlando murder defense lawyer has 20 years of legal and trial experience and has defended clients against some of the harshest accusations on the books. Contact our firm today and we can begin to explain how we can build up your defense from the ground up to guarantee it is constructed to be the best it can be.

Differences Between Murder & Manslaughter

Although murder and manslaughter are both forms of homicide, they are generally considered intrinsically different from one another. The key element that separates the charges is premeditation, or malicious forethought. If someone takes a reasonable amount of time to think about the act of committing homicide, and then acts upon those thoughts, they have committed murder. If someone commits an outwardly dangerous action that takes another’s life but had not originally intended to do so, they have committed manslaughter.

An example of murder: A man grows angry at an ex-spouse’s new husband and decides he wants to kill him. To complete his plan, he purchases a firearm, waits the necessary waiting period, locates the new husband, and shoots him. This is murder of the first-degree due to the premeditation and clear preparation.

An example of manslaughter: A man grows angry at an ex-spouse’s new husband and decides he wants to confront him. He locates the man and the two quickly begin to argue. After a moment, a violent fight breaks out, resulting in the new husband’s death. Despite the intent to cause confrontation, this would be considered manslaughter as there is not much evidence to suggest the perpetrator wanted the fight to result in fatal injury.

Penalties for Murder & Manslaughter in Florida

Despite the inherent differences between murder and manslaughter in Florida State legislation, both carry similar penalties if convicted.

  • Manslaughter: Up to 15 years in prison and a fine not to exceed $10,000
  • Murder: Up to life in prison with at least 10 year minimum sentencing and up to $10,000 fine

Murder can escalate up to the first-degree if the prosecution proves that the violent crime was thoroughly and maliciously plotted with ample time to reserve the decision. Florida State does allow capital punishment or life without parole for such convictions.

Take Action Before Another Day Ends

You must take action fast and start working on your defense as soon as you can after you have been charged with murder or manslaughter in the state of Florida. The sooner you retain our Orlando murder attorney, the sooner we can begin analyzing your case and looking for holes in the prosecution’s evidence against you. We know how much rests in our hands and will not slow down until you are given a beneficial outcome to your case.

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