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White Collar Crimes
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Defending Those Who Have Been Accused of White Collar Crimes in Orange County, FL

At The Wiseman Law Firm, we understand the complexities of white collar criminal defense and can help you protect your rights and interests. White collar crimes may be charged under Florida law or Federal law. The punishments and penalties relating to white collar crimes vary greatly depending upon the charges.

Have you been accused of a white collar crime in Florida? Call the Wiseman Law Firm today at 407-420-4647 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our white collar crime lawyer in Orlando.

Types of White Collar Crimes

Types of white collar crime include offenses like:

  • Bribery
  • Computer crimes
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Insider trading
  • Mail fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Racketeering (RICO)
  • Securities fraud
  • Theft
  • Wire fraud

Such crimes are very serious, and you will need an attorney who has experience defending these white collar crimes in state and federal court. Unlike other criminal offenses, individuals accused of white collar crime will likely have been under investigation prior to any charges being issued. If you are under investigation, make sure you do not speak to law enforcement or provide any documents or property to them without legal representation. It is in your best interest to hire an experienced Orlando white collar crime lawyer immediately.

What Are The Penalties for White Collar Crimes in Florida?

White collar crime is a felony in Florida, and depending on the specifics of the act, the associated punishments can be very severe. Fines, incarceration, victim compensation, and seizure of property used in or obtained through illegal activity are all potential penalties. The amount stolen, whether several offenses were committed, whether the offender has a criminal history, and other considerations will all affect the penalties.

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With over 15 years of experience, The Wiseman Law Firm understands the ins and out of white collar crime. Oftentimes, white collar crimes are complex, time-consuming, and require critical attention to detail. We understand the complexity of these types of crimes and have the resources and experience to design a successful defense to obtain the most favorable result.

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