Is it Illegal to Drive in Florida without Shoes?

Florida is home to sunshine, beaches, humidity, and a casual lifestyle. But for motorists who may be used to wearing sandals or open-toed shoes when walking around town, can they exercise the same freedom when driving a motor vehicle?

The simple answer is “Yes.” In fact, only a handful of states place some restriction on driving without shoes. This is welcome news to tourists or residents who may have wondered about driving shoeless, especially when coming home from the beach or driving in intense heat.

Even though it is not illegal to drive shoeless, should you be involved in an accident you can suffer severe injury to your feet since they are unprotected. Police can also question whether your failure to wear shoes may have contributed to the car or truck accident. Without shoes, you have no traction on your feet and you may experience slipping on the brake or gas pedal that can contribute to an accident.

If you are in an accident and you or the other driver were driving barefoot, there will be an argument that by not wearing shoes you were careless or even reckless. The best policy to be a safe driver is always where shoes when driving.