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What Is Considered a Violent Crime in Florida?

January 21, 2024
By The Wiseman Law Firm

In Florida, violent crimes encompass a wide array of offenses characterized by the use or threat of force against a person or property. These crimes range from aggravated assault, domestic abuse, and sex crimes to more severe offenses like homicide and arson. Each case involves unique challenges and complexities, requiring a nuanced understanding of Florida’s legal system. If you face violent crime charges, it is in your best interest to seek support from an experienced criminal defense lawyer at The Wiseman Law Firm.

A violent crime is an act committed with intent to harm a person or damage property, involving either actual or attempted physical aggression. Under Florida’s legal framework, such crimes are often classified as felonies, carrying the possibility of extensive prison time for those convicted. Beyond incarceration, the accused faces the loss of certain rights and the enduring impact of a criminal record. Given their grave nature, these offenses are generally pursued vigorously by prosecutors, reflecting the seriousness with which they are regarded under the law. Our legal team provides essential legal guidance, protects clients’ rights, and works towards achieving the best possible outcomes in these serious and often life-altering cases. 

6 Types of Violent Crimes in Florida 

At The Wiseman Law Firm, we are equipped to handle a diverse range of violent crime charges, each with its specific legal implications and challenges, which may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assault and battery: This encompasses both the threat of violence (assault) and actual physical harm (battery). Charges can vary from simple assault, a misdemeanor, to aggravated battery, a more serious felony, depending on factors like the use of a weapon or the severity of injury caused.
  • Domestic violence: These charges involve violence or threats of violence against family members or individuals in a domestic setting. The scope of domestic violence is broad, including physical abuse, stalking, and emotional or psychological abuse.
  • Homicide: This includes charges like manslaughter and murder. The gravity of these charges varies significantly based on the circumstances, such as premeditation in murder cases or negligence in manslaughter cases.
  • Robbery: Distinguished from theft by the use of force or intimidation, robbery is a serious felony in Florida. The degree of the charge can escalate depending on factors like the use of a weapon or the value of stolen property.
  • Sex crimes: This category includes a range of offenses, such as rape, sexual assault, and other sex-related crimes. These charges often carry severe penalties and long-lasting social stigmas, making strong legal defense essential.
  • Kidnapping: Involving the unlawful confinement or abduction of an individual, kidnapping charges are taken very seriously in Florida and often result in a 1st-degree felony, punishable by 30 years imprisonment and/or a $10,000-$15,000 fine.

Attorney Simon Wiseman has over 20 years of experience, leading trial counsel in nearly 40 jury trials, including murder trials and the high-profile prosecution of a police officer. He has handled the defense of various criminal cases, from low-level misdemeanors to serious felonies, and is prepared to fight for your reputation and freedom if you have been accused of a violent crime. 

How a Violent Crimes Lawyer Can Help Your Case 

The following are ways a violent crimes defense lawyer can help your unique case: 

Understanding the Charges and Legal Process

We help you understand the specific charges you face, the legal implications, and the procedural steps involved in the criminal justice process. This includes explaining the client’s rights, potential penalties, and courtroom procedures.

Developing a Defense Strategy

Based on the details of the case, we will formulate a tailored defense strategy, which involves gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and leveraging focused knowledge to build a strong defense.

Negotiating With Prosecutors

Often, we engage in negotiations with prosecutors to reduce charges, lessen penalties, or even dismiss the case, depending on the evidence and circumstances.

Representing in Court

If the case goes to trial, we represent you in court, presenting evidence and arguments, cross-examining witnesses, and aiming to persuade the jury of the client’s innocence or lesser culpability.

Our focused knowledge of Florida criminal law, evidence handling, and courtroom tactics is indispensable in safeguarding your legal rights and working towards the best possible outcome, whether it’s an acquittal, reduced sentence, or plea bargain. 

Speak With an Experienced Violent Crimes Lawyer at The Wiseman Law Firm 

Violent crime charges, ranging from assault and battery to more severe offenses like homicide and arson, are pursued with intensity due to their serious nature. Understanding the gravity of these charges and seeking legal guidance is crucial. At The Wiseman Law Firm, we recognize the complexities each case presents and are committed to providing specialized legal support tailored to your unique situation.

Whether negotiating with prosecutors, developing a strategic defense, or representing you in court, our team is dedicated to protecting your rights and striving for the most favorable outcome. Contact us today for a consultation at (407) 420-4647 or fill out a contact form.

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