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  • Standard of Proof in Probation Violation Hearings

    Most people are aware of the standard of proof in criminal cases--proof beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that if a juror or trier-of-fact has a reasonable doubt about your guilt, such as the reasonable possibility that someone else committed the crime or that the evidence presented is not so convincing that you would be “willing to rely and act upon it without hesitation in the most important ...
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  • Are You Entitled to Bond on a Probation Violation?

    Probation is nearly always ordered when someone is convicted of a crime and sentenced to either jail or some other alternative punishment. Probation may be shortened provided the offender does not commit any other crimes and abides by conditions of probation. If a condition is violated and the defendant arrested, he or she can still get a bond in many instances. An example of a probation violation ...
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