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  • Can You Get Arrested for Speeding in Florida?

    Generally, a speeding ticket is not a serious enough offense to warrant an arrest, but there are circumstances under which you may be arrested. For example, if you were driving at a speed that substantially exceeded the speed limit, you risk an arrest. While you may not be arrested for traveling 100 mph on the Florida turnpike at 2 am, you face near certain arrest if you were doing so at rush hour ...
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  • If You are Pulled Over for Speeding

    There are a number of ways that Florida law enforcement can detect whether you were speeding. There are also defenses that a skilled speeding ticket defense attorneycan use to either mitigate the offense so that no points appear on your driving record or who can explore defenses that might get your ticket dismissed. Speeding tickets can result in hundreds of dollars in fines, or even $1,000 if you ...
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