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4 Signs You’re Suffering from a “Hidden” Car Accident Injury

Car accidents cause damage – to your vehicle and to your body. If you were involved in a recent collision, don’t ignore that headache or bruise. It may be a sign of a more serious injury. Learn about these, and other, signs of car accident injuries below.

Neck Pain

The most common after-effect of a car accident is neck pain, which is caused by your head jostling during the collision. Many people disregard this pain, believing the injury will heal quickly. The pain, however, could actually be caused by an underlying injury sustained during the accident. Some of the most common injuries associated with neck pain include:

  • Whiplash, or pain in your neck as a result of rapid overextension
  • Herniated disks, or the sprain or rupture of the tissue between the vertebrae in your neck
  • Overly tight or tense muscles, as a result of anxiety or post-traumatic stress

If you are experiencing pain in your neck after a car accident, visit a medical professional to make sure there are no underlying injuries.


A car collision involves a number of moving parts – one or more vehicles, your neck and head, and possibly even an airbag. Whether from stress, overextension, or physical impact, a headache is a typical symptom of a car accident. It is also, however, a common sign of an underlying injury.

In fact, a headache is the first indicator that you’re suffering from a concussion or brain injury. Other injuries, such as blood clots, whiplash, and even lower back injuries, can cause the nerves in your brain to fire rapidly, resulting in a headache. Don’t ignore the pain. Visit a medical office and get it checked out immediately.

Knee Pain

If you are experiencing knee pain after an accident, it might not be a simple body ache. Oftentimes, your knee comes in contact with your dashboard during the collision. Depending on the severity of the impact, you may have sustained damage or even fractured your patella or underlying cartilage. If you have pain or bruising around your knees, contact your doctor immediately.

Shoulder Pain

It’s no secret: Seat belts save lives. Their design, however, can cause your body to twist during the impact of the collision, which can result in a number of injuries. These injuries, such as ligament or tendon tears, cause intense and deep shoulder pain that often worsen over time. If you are experiencing pain or a limited range of motion in your shoulders, seek immediate medical attention.

Seek Medical Attention Sooner Rather Than Later

If you feel any sort of pain, whether minor or major, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. This not only helps determine any underlying injuries you may have sustained but creates physical documentation that you were in pain as a result of the accident. If you wait days or weeks after the accident to see a doctor, your visit is less powerful in the case of an injury claim, as the defendant can argue that you sustained an injury separate from the accident.

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