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Blog Posts in June, 2012

  • What to do if you are Injured at a Theme Park in Orlando

    Orlando is home to a number of theme parks including Disney World . Other Orlando theme parks like Universal Studios , Sea World , Islands of Adventure and the Holy Land Experience , as well as county fairs, provide incredible rides, sights, restaurants, and other amazing attractions for millions of visitors from all over America and the world. But if you are injured on a ride or anywhere else in ...
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  • Were you Injured While Dining out at a Restaurant?

    Orlando has outstanding restaurants along with the usual fast food franchises. Under Florida’s premises liability laws , restaurant owners have a legal duty to ensure that their premises are kept in a reasonably safe condition. This mean restaurant owners need to prevent hazardous conditions from existing, however, in the event a hazardous condition does exist, they have a duty to warn of that ...
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  • What to Do if You Are Injured in a Car Accident in Orlando

    Car accident injuries are not uncommon on the busy roadways of Orlando, Florida. Accident injury statistics indicate that there are about 3,000 auto accident fatalities per year in Florida and well over 200,000 traffic accidents yearly . Orlando is a very busy tourist destination and with many tourists not used to driving on our side of the road or on our system of roads there is bound to be more ...
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  • What to Do if Arrested for Theft in Florida

    Theft in Florida is a property crime that is charged as either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the value of the property taken, the particular item stolen, and if the offender has a record of prior thefts. Theft is the intentional taking or using of someone else’s property, either permanently or temporarily, that deprives the owner of his or her right to the property and any benefit from it, ...
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  • Were You Locked Up for Driving Under The Influence?

    If you have been arrested for DUI , you may be facing some serious consequences that can include jail, probation, license suspension/revocation, DUI courses, vehicle impoundment, interlock devices, and fines and court costs. The penalties for a DUI in Florida vary according to your blood alcohol content (BAC), number of previous DUI convictions, whether anyone was injured or killed, and whether ...
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  • Were You Arrested at a DUI Checkpoint?

    Driving home after drinking at a party or nightclub can be treacherous and not advised. If you knew you had too much to drink, you may have been conscious of the speed limit and were taking extra care to drive carefully and within your lane, but a DUI checkpoint up ahead was looming and your chances of convincing the police there that you were sober will be an uphill battle. DUI checkpoints are ...
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  • If You Are Charged with Resisting Arrest without Violence in Florida

    There are times when people being questioned by police regarding a traffic offense , DUI , or who may be suspected of committing some other offense, are suddenly arrested and charged with resisting arrest without violence. In Florida, this is also referred to as an obstruction of justice charge. In many instances, the person arrested is also charged with the offense for which they were being ...
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  • If You Are Charged with Trespassing on Private Property in Florida

    Florida Law defines criminal trespass as willingly entering or remaining on a property without the express or implied consent of the owner. Depending on the circumstances, trespass in Florida can subject you to penalties including jail time, probation, and a permanent criminal record. Trespassing on private property in Florida can occur in any number of circumstances. Private property refers to ...
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  • If You Are Arrested for Smoking or Possessing Marijuana

    To date, there are 11 states that have passed legislation decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana, generally less than one ounce or under 16 grams. Currently, there are 16 states that have legalized medical marijuana subject to certain restrictions on its cultivation, possession, use, and sale. Unfortunately, Florida has not subscribed to any of these measures and has some of ...
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  • If You are Pulled Over for Speeding

    There are a number of ways that Florida law enforcement can detect whether you were speeding. There are also defenses that a skilled speeding ticket defense attorneycan use to either mitigate the offense so that no points appear on your driving record or who can explore defenses that might get your ticket dismissed. Speeding tickets can result in hundreds of dollars in fines, or even $1,000 if you ...
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  • What You Should Know if You Are Caught Driving on a Suspended License

    Driving with a suspended license in Florida is a criminal offense if you had notice of the suspension or should have known of it. Your license may be suspended for any of the following reasons: Reasons for Suspending a Driver’s License Refusal to take a blood alcohol test Failing a blood alcohol test Failing to pay traffic fines Driving without insurance Guilty of DUI Providing false information ...
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