Verdicts & Settlements

$2.2 million in negligent Security case against apartment complex

After a long hard fought battle, Mr. Wiseman was able to secure a significant seven figure result for his client who was raped at an apartment complex.  Mr. Wiseman alleged that the apartment complex negligently provided security which resulted in the rapist being able to gain access to the apartment building and commit the rape.  Although no amount of money can compensate a rape victim, Mr. Wiseman’s client was very happy with the result. 

$1.05 million in low impact rear end automobile accident

We were able to obtain an awesome result for our client in a low impact rear end impact accident. Although there was minimal damage to the rear of our client's vehicle and the defense argued there was  no way his injuries were caused by such a minor impact, we were able to establish that his significant neck and shoulder injuries, which reqired surgery, were related to the low impact collision. 

$1.7 million jury verdict in negligent security case

Simon Wiseman and his trial partner, Riley Allen  recently obtained a $1.7 million verdict from a jury in Orange County, Florida in a negligent security case. Mr.Wiseman's client was robbed and shot while parking his car at the Embassy Suites, Jamaican Court Orlando.  Although Mr. Wiseman's client survived he sustained severe injuries. There was a lack of security, which was provided by SecurAmerica, patrolling the outside of the hotel because they were performing housekeeping duties on the inside of the hotel at the request of the hotel. 

This lack of attention to deterring crime on the outside of the hotel made the hotel a target for crime. This was evidenced when 10 days earlier a guest was robbed and shot in the parking lot of he hotel in almost identical fashion. Mr. Wiseman and Mr. Allen were able to expose this neglect. As a result, Mr. wiseman was able to get an excellent result for his client.

Mr. Wiseman stated: "This was a David v. Goliath trial where "David" defeated "corporate America", which included the likes of Hilton, Embassy Suites, SecurAmerica and Interstate hotel management company. I hope the Embassy Suites hotel will change its ways by spending more money on security to keeps its guests safe, especially in a tourist area such as International Drive."

$7 Million Slip and Fall in a Restaurant

Mr. Wiseman was part of a 4 member legal team who represented a middle aged women who slipped and fell in a fast food restaurant. She suffered a severe neck fracture, RSD and was no longer able to work. The case was fought to the end and finally successfully resolved for approximately $7 million.

$1,850,000.00 Shot and Killed on an Apartment Complex.

Our client was shot and killed by a security guard on an apartment complex. After the security company (the security guard's employer) tendered their insurance policy limits, our client filed a negligence lawsuit against the apartment complex who denied any wrongdoing and blamed the security guard and the security company for our client's death. Ultimately, our client was able to obtain a good result in a very difficult case.

$8.9 Million Automobile/Construction Liability

At his former law firm, Mr. Wiseman helped his client in a case where she had been catastrophically injured as a passenger in the rear of a vehicle which was t-boned exiting a gas station. She filed a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle, the gas station owner and a number of entities involved in the construction of the gas station. The case was successfully resolved for $8.9 million just days before trial.

$1.7 Million Negligent Roadside Maintenance

Mr. Wiseman helped prosecute a local government on behalf of a catastrophically injured client for failing to properly maintain a tree which had fallen on his vehicle while driving. The local government had a cap on their damages of $100,000, however, against all conceivable odds the claim was ultimately successfully settled for $1.7 million. 

$115,000.00 for slip and fall at motel

Mr. Wiseman’s client slipped and fell at a motel in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, because the motel had failed to provide a mat in the front entrance to her room.  As a result of there being no mat, Mr. Wiseman’s client slipped and fell on the wet and slippery terrazzo floor which resulted in her breaking her leg.  Mr. Wiseman’s client was very grateful for his aggressive, persistent representation and passion for justice.

$125,000.00 for neck injury in rear end car accident

Mr. Wiseman was able to obtain the maximum available insurance for his client, who sustained a significant neck injury after being rear ended. Fortunately, his client had underinsured motorist coverage otherwise she would have been limited to $25,000.00, which was the only coverage carried by the at-fault driver. Mr.Wiseman emphasizes to his clients that underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage is one fo the most important types of car insurance coverage you can buy because you have to insure yourself in Florida against the other drivers on the road that do not have insurance coverage or do not have enough insurance coverage. 

$35,000.00 for low back injury aggravated my motor vehicle accident

Mr. Wiseman's client was the victim of a rear end accident. As a result of the rear end accident she sustained an aggravation to her pre-existing low back injuries which she had sustained in a previous accident. Depsite some hurdles to jump to demonstrate she had an aggravation of a pre-existing condition, Mr.Wiseman was able to recoup all of the available automobilie insurance for his client. 

$125,000.00 for internal injuries from scooter accident

Mr. Wiseman's client, an English citizen who was studying in Flroida, was a passaenger on the back of a scooter and the driver of the scooter lost control throwing Mr.Wiseman's client from the scooter. Mr.Wiseman's client suffered internal injuries which required a short hospitalization but fortunately no long lasting effects. Unfortunately, the driver of the scooter did not have insurance. Despite there being no insurance, Mr.Wiseman sought compensation for his client from the driver himself. Through his perseverance, Mr.Wiseman was able to successfully resolve his client's case for $125,000.00.

$225,000.00 for neck injury in a car accident

Simon Wiseman filed a lawsuit for a neck injury which his client sustained when his vehicle slammed into a tractor trailer which was blocking an intersection. His client underwent a neck surgery and within 6 weeks of the surgery Mr.Wiseman's client was back to work. Mr.Wiseman was able to obtain an excellent result for his client who was very appreciative of Mr.Wiseman's hard work, aggressiveness, and willingness to go to trial (if needed) and attention to detail. 

$100,000 policy limits for car accident

Simon Wiseman was able to tobtain all the available automobile iinsurance for his client who sustained an ankle injury in a significant T-bone accident. The client was very happy with the result. 

$305,000 in automobile accident case where the elderly driver of the at-fault vehicle had a black out:

This was as strange case where the driver of the at fault vehicle fell unconscious (due to a medical condistion) at the time he struck the rear of our client's vehicle. Despite Florida law, in certain circumstances, providing a complete defense to driver's who have an isolated black out related to a medical condition, we were able to overcome that hurdle and obtain an excellent result for our client who suffered neck injury which required surgery several years after the accident. 

$490,000.00 truck accident with low back injury

Mr. Wiseman’s client suffered a significant low back injury as a result of being struck in his tractor trailer by another tractor trailer.  Mr. Wiseman was able to demonstrate that the tractor trailer that caused the accident was being driven by an illegal immigrant who should not have been driving.  Additionally, Mr. Wiseman was able to demonstrate that the motor carrier, who the driver  was employed by, had committed multiple violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA) in employing the drive and placing him on the road as a truck driver. 

As a result, Mr. Wiseman was able to get his client an excellent result for the type of injury sustained.   The FMCSA can be a great weapon in truck accident cases but you must choose a lawyer experienced in these types of cases.  Mr. Wiseman has that experience and would be privileged to help you.

$600,000.00 Head Injury From a Door

My client was struck in the head when entering a store.  A large commercial door lost resistance and flew back striking her in the forehead.  She suffered significant head and neck injuries which both required surgery.  The defendants argued that it was her fault for pulling the door back into her head and it was a freak accident.  We  argued that this was a known problem and that there had been similar problems with the door before my client was struck.  We also argued that the defendants did not preserve vital evidence which hindered our ability to prosecute the case.  Despite the case being a very difficult and complex case, we were able to obtain a great result for the client.

$50,000.00 Rear End Accident Causing Knee Injury

My client was the victim of a low impact rear end accident.  When his vehicle was impacted at low speed, his knee twisted and he suffered a torn meniscus which required arthroscopic surgery.  His medical expenses were approximately $10,000.00 and we were able to resolve his case for five (5) times his medical expenses.

$70,000 Dog Bite

My client was bit on her thigh and head by a dog while an invitee on the dog owner’s property.  We were able to get her ten (10) times her medical expenses.  The client was thrilled with the result.

$125,000.00 Golf Cart Accident

Our client was hit by a golf cart suffering ankle and knee injuries. We were able to resolve her case for $125,000.00. She was very happy with the result.

$250,000.00 Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client's vehicle was rear ended causing him to suffer a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder and herniated discs in his neck, which both required surgery. There was only $250,000.00 in available insurance coverage, which we were able to obtain before filing a lawsuit.


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