Verdicts & Settlements

$2.2 million in negligent Security case against apartment complex

After a long hard fought battle, Mr. Wiseman was able to secure a significant seven figure result for his client who was raped at an apartment complex.  Mr. Wiseman alleged that the apartment complex negligently provided security which resulted in the rapist being able to gain access to the apartment building and commit the rape.  Although no amount of money can compensate a rape victim, Mr. Wiseman’s client was very happy with the result. 

$1.05 million in low impact rear end automobile accident

We were able to obtain an awesome result for our client in a low impact rear end impact accident. Although there was minimal damage to the rear of our client's vehicle and the defense argued there was  no way his injuries were caused by such a minor impact, we were able to establish that his significant neck and shoulder injuries, which reqired surgery, were related to the low impact collision. 

$1.7 million jury verdict in negligent security case

Simon Wiseman and his trial partner, Riley Allen  recently obtained a $1.7 million verdict from a jury in Orange County, Florida in a negligent security case. Mr.Wiseman's client was robbed and shot while parking his car at the Embassy Suites, Jamaican Court Orlando.  Although Mr. Wiseman's client survived he sustained severe injuries. There was a lack of security, which was provided by SecurAmerica, patrolling the outside of the hotel because they were performing housekeeping duties on the inside of the hotel at the request of the hotel. 

This lack of attention to deterring crime on the outside of the hotel made the hotel a target for crime. This was evidenced when 10 days earlier a guest was robbed and shot in the parking lot of he hotel in almost identical fashion. Mr. Wiseman and Mr. Allen were able to expose this neglect. As a result, Mr. wiseman was able to get an excellent result for his client.

Mr. Wiseman stated: "This was a David v. Goliath trial where "David" defeated "corporate America", which included the likes of Hilton, Embassy Suites, SecurAmerica and Interstate hotel management company. I hope the Embassy Suites hotel will change its ways by spending more money on security to keeps its guests safe, especially in a tourist area such as International Drive."

$1,850,000.00 Shot and Killed on an Apartment Complex.

Our client was shot and killed by a security guard on an apartment complex. After the security company (the security guard's employer) tendered their insurance policy limits, our client filed a negligence lawsuit against the apartment complex who denied any wrongdoing and blamed the security guard and the security company for our client's death. Ultimately, our client was able to obtain a good result in a very difficult case.

$1.7 Million Negligent Roadside Maintenance

Mr. Wiseman helped prosecute a local government on behalf of a catastrophically injured client for failing to properly maintain a tree which had fallen on his vehicle while driving. The local government had a cap on their damages of $100,000, however, against all conceivable odds the claim was ultimately successfully settled for $1.7 million. 

$8.9 Million Automobile/Construction Liability

At his former law firm, Mr. Wiseman helped his client in a case where she had been catastrophically injured as a passenger in the rear of a vehicle which was t-boned exiting a gas station. She filed a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle, the gas station owner and a number of entities involved in the construction of the gas station. The case was successfully resolved for $8.9 million just days before trial.

$7 Million Slip and Fall in a Restaurant

Mr. Wiseman was part of a 4 member legal team who represented a middle aged women who slipped and fell in a fast food restaurant. She suffered a severe neck fracture, RSD and was no longer able to work. The case was fought to the end and finally successfully resolved for approximately $7 million.

$3.2 million recent jury verdict in pedestrian versus car case

Our 91 year old client was crushed between two vehicles suffering a significant leg fracture which left her in a wheelchair. USAA was the insurance company for the at fault defendant. Despite trying to reach an amicable settlement before trial, USAA, on their insured's behalf, chose not to settle the case. At trial the jury awarded our client $3.189 million dollars, millions more than what our client offered to settle the case for before trial. The lawyer hired by USAA to represent their insured (the defendant) asked the jury to award $150,000 in past and future pain and suffering damages - the jury awarded $2.4 million for pain and suffering!!! Our law firm took on big insurance and corporate America and won. Our client was very grateful for our courage and fearlessness.

$125,000 Nursing home negligence – resident given the wrong medication

After no other law firm wanted to take this case, The Wiseman Law Firm decided to help a lovely family who had lost their elderly mother who died after being in a nursing home.  By uncovering every stone we discovered that our client had been given the wrong medication while in the nursing home.   She was then rushed to hospital and later hospice before she died a few days after reaching hospice.  The death certificate blamed the death on her old age but we were able to discover that the nursing home had given her the wrong medication just before she was admitted to the hospital which we believe caused and/or contributed to her death.  The defense relied on the death certificate and defended the case very aggressively.  Despite all the odds stacked against us we were able to get 25% more than the available $100,000 in insurance coverage. The Wiseman Law Firm never gave up and consequently got a great result for their client.

2 X $10,000.00 Insurance policy limits tendered

We had two clients who were the driver and passenger in a rear end automobile collision.  With just their spinal MRIs taken following the accident which we sent to their insurer, we were able to convince their uninsured motorist insurer to pay the maximum insurance under their policy which maximized the recovery to our clients.

$100,000.00 Rear end motor vehicle accident

My client was rear ended while driving a taxi. He suffered a back injury.  He underwent chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and some epidural injections.  Unfortunately the driver of the vehicle who rear ended my client only had $100,000.00 in available bodily injury insurance.  We were able to successfully get our client $100,000.00, the maximum insurance coverage available.

$85,000.00 Highway Patrol pay in a disputed motor vehicle negligence case

The Wiseman Law Firm co-counseled a case where the highway patrol caused a significant accident because they were negligently positioned on the roadway while conducting a traffic stop.  The Defendant argued their investigation revealed the Trooper had done nothing wrong and defended the case vehemently.  Although the injuries to our client did not require surgery and she only needed chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and injection therapy, we were still able to obtain an excellent result for the client.

$75,000.00 Rear end automobile accident near Disney while on vacation or holiday

Our client was on vacation with her family when her vehicle was rear ended.  She suffered soft tissue neck and back injuries.  The vehicle that hit her was uninsured so she had to seek compensation through her own automobile insurance.  Her own insurer decided they did not want to pay her anything because they claimed all her spinal injuries pre-existed the rear end collision.  Weeks before trial we were able to convince her insurer that her spinal injuries were aggravations or exacerbations of pre-existing conditions which you can be compensated for in Florida.  As a result, her own insurer who refused to pay a dime finally paid $75,000.00. The Wiseman Law Firm persevered and we ended up making our client very happy.

$30,000.00 Young girl got her leg caught in a washing machine

My client was a young girl who was playing around in her mother’s rented apartment while her mother was cleaning.  Unfortunately she chose to climb on top of the washing machine, open the lid and put her leg inside.  The washing machine’s spin cycle did not stop and she broke her leg.  Despite this being an incredibly difficult case because the young girl was at fault and the problem with the apartment complex claimed the problem with the washing machine was not known to them, we fought for our client and were able to get her $30,000.00.

$25,000.00 Uninsured motorist insurer tenders their insurance coverage

Our client was an elderly pedestrian who was struck by a motor vehicle. After just one demand for our client's underinsured motorist coverage maximum insurance we convinced her insurance company to pay the full limits of her insurance. Despite the available insurance coverage not being enough to cover her damages we are now continuing to fight for more money from every possible source to try and maximize recovery.

$575,000.00 Car Accident Results in Neck Surgery

We represented a lovely elderly woman who was rear ended in a very significant automobile accident. As a result of the accident, she suffered protruded and herniated discs in her neck which, after a course of conservative treatment - including physical therapy and epidural/facet injections - necessitated a two level cervical fusion. Despite her having neck problems just days before the accident and the defense claiming her neck injuries were because of her old age and not the accident, Mr.Wiseman was able to resolve the case during litigation for an impressive $575.000.00. The client was thrilled with the result and very grateful.

$250,000.00 Minor Molested by Church Pastor

We represented the mother of a young male teenager who was a member of the youth group at his local church. During a youth trip he was molested by a youth pastor. There was no physical evidence and the case became a "he said, she said" situation. The church was hoping he was not brave enough to go through with the litigation and expected him to give up - but he didn't. The church only had $250,000.00 in available insurance coverage. After a very difficult fight to obtain the available insurance coverage, The Wiseman Law Firm was successfully able to get every penny of $250,000.00. Given how difficult the case was to prove, the client was ecstatic with the result.

$200,000.00 Inappropriate Sexual Conduct of a School Teacher

We represented the mother of a young female teenager who was the victim of her teacher, a sexual predator. Despite very challenging facts, Mr.Wiseman was able to demonstrate that the school knew or should have known about the propensities of the teacher and yet did nothing to protect their student from his foreseeable conduct. Our client was thrilled with Mr.Wiseman's perserverance and aggressive representation which resulted in justice. 

$115,000.00 for slip and fall at motel

Mr. Wiseman’s client slipped and fell at a motel in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, because the motel had failed to provide a mat in the front entrance to her room.  As a result of there being no mat, Mr. Wiseman’s client slipped and fell on the wet and slippery terrazzo floor which resulted in her breaking her leg.  Mr. Wiseman’s client was very grateful for his aggressive, persistent representation and passion for justice.

$125,000.00 for neck injury in rear end car accident

Mr. Wiseman was able to obtain the maximum available insurance for his client, who sustained a significant neck injury after being rear ended. Fortunately, his client had underinsured motorist coverage otherwise she would have been limited to $25,000.00, which was the only coverage carried by the at-fault driver. Mr.Wiseman emphasizes to his clients that underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage is one fo the most important types of car insurance coverage you can buy because you have to insure yourself in Florida against the other drivers on the road that do not have insurance coverage or do not have enough insurance coverage. 


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